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Here at wow women we love hearing from our wonderful members, if you would like to contact us with any suggestions, thoughts or comments, visit our ‘contact page’ we want to hear from you.

The site is very friendly and easy to use, I will for sure recommend it to anyone i can xxx

Hi Julianne,
Thanks so much for this!
I think the site is great and very well laid out and user friendly. I particularly like the friends request option as that is a nice ice-breaker and also that you can’t see who has viewed you each time, like some sites. I sometimes want to look at someone’s profile, without them necessarily seeing it hehe 😉
Izzy xx


Hi Julianne,
Thank you for getting back to me. Pleased to hear the problem has been fixed.
By the way, I love your website. It’s very friendly and eye catching. Great layout.
Have a great weekend!
Take care,
Emma :-) x


I have enjoyed using your site and I have met someone on here, I will recommend it to everyone as its professional and you the admin team make me the user feel very comfortable with it all. Thank you for helping me finds the start of a new and beautiful relationship.

I am very happy. Debbie


When I say Wow’s network has been an overwhelming addition to my life and very much welcome!! Not only am I fortunate but I’m honoured to have met some wonderful, refreshing and colourful characters through Wow – For me it’s a positive step for lesbian dating and leads from the front offering a professional safe secure dating site. I won’t find the support offered by the Wow TEAM anywhere else and that isn’t just behind the scene that’s from its members too.
They most definitely have that Wow FACTOR.
Laura Paton


Thanks very much – Julianne, got to say the selection on your site seems so much better than others I have seen…thank God! Hopefully my luck will turn! LOL
All the best
Kelly x


Great site and love how responsibly run it is :) Av x


Julianne, as the website owner you’ve done an amazing job giving everyone sound advice on the dating rules. Which are all positive tips to all registered users of your website. Tania


By far the best woman only lesbian and only bisexual online dating website on the internet. Thank You for caring: )
Ann Stanley


Having spent years registered on several websites, wow women is where I feel most comfortable. Combined with a first class service and cutting edge features, the online experience is far superior to any other lesbian dating website available online.
I highly recommend this dating website to any women looking for a unique and special online experience as a way of meeting and engaging with other women.
Sunset UK


Your dating website is the best, as soon as I joined wow women I was very IMPRESSED… And this is my no.1. Dating website….
Jules Bridge


My main objective was to meet new friends not so much for dating, I’ve met so many truly lovely women on your site and want to thank you personally
Alex St John


Thank you Julianne for all the personal help you have given me as a newbie to dating sites. I felt quite overwhelmed but you have helped me to find a way through, and how to respond to messages in such a positive way. This is having a positive impact on my life.


Thank you for helping me to create my Book Club Group on wow women, it has allowed me to meet like minded women who share the same passion. We may all be meeting up soon so watch this space…


Hi Julianne, you do so much for gay women with your events and dating it’s really great, thank you. Dawn


Hi Julianne, thank you for getting back to me. Feed back so far, the look of the site is excellent very sophisticated look, welcome notes from organisers is a lovely touch. User friendly. Thank you for giving us ladies a chance to meet safely.
Kind regards


We’d both like to say thank you so much… we met on your Wow Women Thames boat party and are so happy we went met and fell in love. It was such a shock as we were not expecting it but you made us all feel so welcome and relaxed it was easy to start talking with others. We look forward to the next one.
Lianne & Dee


Wow dating what can I say “Except why use any other dating service to find Your match!”

After 10 years in a solid relationship and Marriage I was daunted with the prospect of meeting someone new in a club or bar, such vacuous places, but after 17 months on my own I searched the Web for a different approach, suggested by friends to get on line with the aim to meet someone. I went on a couple of the known ones, but found them to be cruising grounds, cold and just about sex mainly, not knowing if I was speaking with a man or a woman.

With WOW women You have a site where you are able to discus current issues, what’s currently happening within the media be it art or music, film, or diverse topic’s, make new friends all in one Transparent safe place.

Safe because Julianne Balai and her team have set up systems for unwanted posts and visuals, as stalking is far too easy these days. Fake Profile’s are immediately spotted and removed, making you feel safe; Julianne herself is always readily available to help,

What makes WOW so different is the transparency of the site, you see who is viewing your profile daily weekly or monthly, daily new members joining with a very warm welcoming, Within my first week I made a connection with a professional lady, chatted confirmed a date, which is not normally my style, but Wow women is so visual, open, that I felt safe to do so, you feel your being looked after. By day 10 I had made 18 new friends, with women who wanted to talk about life and realism, spiritualism and not just looking for that easy hit.


Slimsmilie Business Developer


I love the WOW Women dating site. As a dating expert I help lesbians find Ms. Right and I can’t rave enough about Wow Women. When you’re looking for love, you need to get out there and connect with other women. The WOW Women dating site gives you so many great ways to do that with live chat, private messaging, interests groups, forums, and more. I’m sure everyone who joins will find something to love about this unique site!

Christine Dunn – Lesbian Love Guru


Member clarej unregistered her profile. The reason is: I have found a partner through your site. Thank you!
I think your site is awesome! I also have a friend who met someone on it (still happily together)

I would really recommend the WoW Women dating site if you are looking to make friends, find dates, or more… The site is very user friendly and has lots of great features that allow you to connect with other women on there. The vibe is cosy and very safe and friendly and the staff are very supportive if you have a problem or need help with anything. I have made a wonderful connection with a great girl on here and am naturally very grateful to this great site!! 😉
Izzy, London.